Growing Up Agrarian

We are four Christian, homechurched, homeschooled, homesteading, agrarian children growing up in Central Texas on a Ranch. We are Tracy,(15) Jennifer,(10) Robert,(9) and Sarah(5) Bunker. We also have one more brother, Thomas Shepard Bunker, who is in the courts of glory. We like to read books, raise animals, and play on the land. Tracy will be writing about the stuff we do. We hope you enjoy our Adventures!


Charlotte has two little Lambs!

Charlotte has had her lambs!! Two Rams named Humphrey and Edward. After Humphrey Bogart and Edward G. Robinson. This picture is of Charlotte, the Mama Sheep. She is a good Mama, and she does not mind the children and I handling her lambs. The lambs are very friendly and silly. They jump around and like to explore. I will take a picture of them ASAP and include the picture in a future blog Lord willing.

The female rabbits are pregnant, and will kindle just after Rachfest, Lord Willing. So I will keep you updated on that as well.

Praying For Rain,
Tracy Bunker
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