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We are four Christian, homechurched, homeschooled, homesteading, agrarian children growing up in Central Texas on a Ranch. We are Tracy,(15) Jennifer,(10) Robert,(9) and Sarah(5) Bunker. We also have one more brother, Thomas Shepard Bunker, who is in the courts of glory. We like to read books, raise animals, and play on the land. Tracy will be writing about the stuff we do. We hope you enjoy our Adventures!


SUPER Ranchfest comes to an end

Well now that Ranchfest is over, we are kinda winding down and cleaning up. The Pecks from British Columbia are here for about a week and a half visit. We love having them here and it is going to be a fun week. But the big rush of Ranchfest is over and all the guests have gone home.
We had many people here and it was a blast. I will list the families...

The Millers :
Gregg and Renee

The Marcics :
Thomas and Susan
Jeffrey James and Johnathan
and Megan and Matthew

Beth Haggerty

Jennifer Rosca

Judy Bowman

The Pecks:
Bill and Debbie Lynn

So as you can see we had a full house. You can skip over to the Ranch Weekly and see some pictures that Jordan took during the week. We drank a lot of mesquite coffee and ate date nut and zucchini and lemon poppyseed breads made by Mrs. Haggerty. And Mrs. Bowman and I butchred a goat on Wednesday and Mom cooked it. We ate it on Thursday for dinner and it was delicious. Mrs. Bowman had to leave early, but hopefully we will see her and her husband here again soon. The men got the office dried in and the windows and doors and sofit installed, and it really looks great. We also did some work on the garden and got some beds filled up with loose dirt made of compost, peat moss and vermiculite. The ladies did some crocheting and made some A line skirts. We also went to some thrift shops and flea markets. That was fun.

Well I will write more about that soon

Tracy Bunker


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Saw this when you posted it, but didn't comment. Appreciate all your posts. You do a nice job! Praise God for the Ranchfest accomplishments! Hello to everyone!


10:02 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

What is the "Ranch Weekly" where I can see the photos you mention? I don't see a link to that from your dad's blog, or yours, or the main site.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Bunker Children said...

Jordan links to it on her blog at


5:25 PM  

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