Growing Up Agrarian

We are four Christian, homechurched, homeschooled, homesteading, agrarian children growing up in Central Texas on a Ranch. We are Tracy,(15) Jennifer,(10) Robert,(9) and Sarah(5) Bunker. We also have one more brother, Thomas Shepard Bunker, who is in the courts of glory. We like to read books, raise animals, and play on the land. Tracy will be writing about the stuff we do. We hope you enjoy our Adventures!


Small Harvests


Today we did a lot of Sabbath chores and cleaned up around the cabin because Sunday Fellowship is going to be at our house this weekend. We have been having major problems with our Blog and that is why we have been so quiet lately. Sorry, we will try to get it up and running soon because we have tons of pictures to post.

Tracy butchered 3 male rabbits on Tuesday. She seasoned them with steak salt and basil, smoked them, slow cooked them and canned them. It takes about 2 fryer-size rabbits to fill a quart jar. So we got 1 and 1/2 quart jars of rabbit meat. We will be butchering again on June 30th.

Jennifer got her first peas out of her mini garden this week. Hooray! Sarah's corn is getting big and Robert has planted mostly leafy greens. But he does have cantaloupe, tomato and squash ( with a teeny squash on it).

We found that the raccoons have been getting into the corn bin up at the pigs. So Tracy set a trap with some cat food in it and we caught a big daddy coon! He was mad as a wet hen about it, too. :) He would growl if you got near and jump at the side of the cage.

The funniest thing just happened. While I (Tracy) was writing this blog, I hear Robert call "TRACY!! I NEED YOU!!" So I run out there ready to rescue him from a snake or some such scary critter... and here is what I find....

Robert on the motor hoist. He must have been bored because he somehow managed to attach his belt loop to the hook of this thing and crank himself a good 5 inches off terra firma. Stuck and uncomfortable, he calls out to his big sister for help. What does she do? Yell " WAIT THERE!" and runs to retrieve the camera and tells a few people on the way what Robert Einstein figured out how to do. Let's just say he walked carefully for a while. What a Kodak moment!

Well we have to go and finish cleaning up.

The Bunker Children


Blogger Danielle said...

I forgot to mention on my blog that sweet Jennifer gave me the first ripe sweet pea out of her garden. It was YUMMY! That's my Jennifer! As for Robert, well, what can I say? That's my curious Robert! A story for the ages! We will be telling that one for a while!!

7:33 PM  
Blogger The Ante Family said...

Robert, Stop hanging around and get back to chores...HAHAHAHA!
Your right Danielle y'all will be telling that story till he's all grown and gray headed. LOL!
Peace, the Antes

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


With all the "hanging around" stunts and "accidental" stunts I (we) did on our farm growing up, all I can say is GOOD JOB ROBERT!! God be with you in living it down though! Ha!

Jeff had to rescue our son when he was about 4 from the front tree in the winter when his snowpants suspenders were the only thing still hanging him from the tree... after he attempted jumping down. He was quite far up and hollered to us until Jeff heard him. No, he still hasn't been allowed to completely forget that one yet, and he's soon 25. My prayers are with you Robert!!

Great pictures Jennifer!


9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed reading about all of you and the other families that live near you. I am a teacher and I have to say that you are very well-spoken. Your mother must be doing an excellent job with your homeschooling! Keep up the great work!

10:32 PM  

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