Growing Up Agrarian

We are four Christian, homechurched, homeschooled, homesteading, agrarian children growing up in Central Texas on a Ranch. We are Tracy,(15) Jennifer,(10) Robert,(9) and Sarah(5) Bunker. We also have one more brother, Thomas Shepard Bunker, who is in the courts of glory. We like to read books, raise animals, and play on the land. Tracy will be writing about the stuff we do. We hope you enjoy our Adventures!


Week in Smyer

It's me again - MaBunker. I know it has been awhile but computer time is limited for me. Tracy, Sarah and I are in Smyer this week helping grandma, which equals more computer time. Last week was pretty good. Michael had gotten home from his woodworking class, we had community work day, and the children got ready for mom to leave for a week. Robert, Jennifer and Michael are home this week without us.

One of the breakfasts we had this week struck me as pretty neat. It consisted of eggs we had preserved last April, bacon we had canned last November, hash browns we had in storage for a few years, and freshly ground wheat tortillas(Michael prefers wheat over white because white flour is so bad for you.) Before last year I had never canned meat. I heard it could be done a few years ago but had never actually tried it. It is a good way to clear freezer space after butchering a large pig. We have also canned smoked turkey. It turned out really yummy. And since we were using the preserved eggs this week the fresh ones we got I just preserved for future use. The eggs don't last as long as the canned meat - about 6 months. This agrarian lifestyle is such a blessing because I am always learning new things. And a few years ago I had made a decision to learn something new every year but now it seems to be every month!!! Danielle


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Our latest agrarian food experiment has been eating scrambled goose eggs. They're wonderful! Not as strong to me as duck eggs and they scramble up really creamy.

Judy at Tabletop Homestead

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