Growing Up Agrarian

We are four Christian, homechurched, homeschooled, homesteading, agrarian children growing up in Central Texas on a Ranch. We are Tracy,(15) Jennifer,(10) Robert,(9) and Sarah(5) Bunker. We also have one more brother, Thomas Shepard Bunker, who is in the courts of glory. We like to read books, raise animals, and play on the land. Tracy will be writing about the stuff we do. We hope you enjoy our Adventures!


New Friends

Hello again! Today we had a delicious breakfast of breakfast chili (eggs, sausage, beans,
and chopped chilies) and tortillas. After breakfast we did our chores and our lessons.

Our new friends, the Ante children, just moved down to the Ranch. We have had fun playing with them. They are: Noah(7), Seth(4), and little Job(2). They are staying on our land for a little while, and then they will move to their land. They have a dog named Taz who likes to chase our cats and Helen. He never gets them, but he has fun trying.

Our other friends the Sustaires are also moving to the Ranch. They do not have children, but they have a pretty orange cat named Trogdore.

The weather has been getting colder here. It was a chilly 22 degrees here this morning. Brrrrr. Time to break out the hot cocoa! But we kept warm and cosy with olive oil candles and oil lanterns. We also had our pretty fleece blankets that Mrs. Ante made us. Robert got a blanket with cowboy boots on it, Jenny got one with a brother and a sister looking in to the sunset, Tracy got one with paisley, flowers, hearts, and every color you can imagine on it, and Sarah got one with Raggedy Ann and Andy on it.

We think Sarah might have chicken pox. She was comlaining of a sore throat and was running a low grade fever last night, and she slept most of the morning today, so she might show up with some spots in 2 weeks.

Well, until next time,
The Bunker Chillins


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds crowded! It probably doesn't feel like that when your w/ friends though. Your blankets do sound pretty neat, wish I could see them. Hope Sarah feels better soon!

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Mrs. Blair said...

What a nice gift that Mrs. Ante made for each of you and just in time for the colder weather!

How wonderful to have all your new friends down on the ranch. I'm sure that there will be lots of fun adventures to come for y'all.

5:52 PM  

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